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Due to a high volume of business we are running a smaller version of our a la carte menu. Our full menu will be back tomorrow.

Please note our dishes may contain the following allergens, including but not limited to: Nuts, soy, mustard, fish, wheat egg and shellfish. Partially cooked items such as rare steaks are consumed at the customers own risk.


Calamari Fritti £9.95 Deep fried squid in butter with lemon 
Insalata Caprese (V) £8.95 Fresh buffalo mozzarela with tomato, basil & oil 
Antipasto Misto Prosciuttor £9.95 cured salami, olives and roasted pepper
Prosciutto e Melone Prosciutto £9.95 with fresh melon 
Funghi alla Mimi e Coco Mushrooms £9.25 & spicy sausage in a creamy sauce
Penne Arrabiatta (V) £9.95 Pasta tubes tossed in tomato sauce with chilli & basil 
Zuppa Italiana (V) £7.95 Home made soup
Cocktail di Gamberetti £8.95 Norwegian prawns in marie rose sauce 
Polpette della Casa £9.45 Italian meatballs in garlic, basil and tomato sauce
Cozze Marinara Mussels £9.95 in white wine sauce or spicy tomato sauce 

Breads and Sides

Bruschetta al Pomodoro £4.95 Toasted Italian breads with tomato & garlic 
Pane Fresco £3.95 Fresh Bread 
Pane all’aglio £4.25 Garlic Bread 
Pane all’aglio e Mozzarella £4.95 Garlic bread with cheese 
Patate al Burro £4.55 Roasted potatoes with rosemary and butter 
Funghi al Burro £4.55 Sautéed mushrooms with garlic butter 
Patate Fritte £4.55  Chips
Insalata Della Casa £5.50 Mixed salad leaves with cherry tomatoes 
Pomodoro e Cipolla £5.50 Juicy beef tomatoes with sweet onions
Verdure alla Rustica £5.95 Marinated roasted peppers and courgettes


Select your favourite pasta from Spaghetti, Fettuccine or Penne and then choose a sauce from our selection of Italian favourites.

Bolognese Prime £14.95 Minced beef and pork, ripe tomatoes and garlic
Arrabbiata (V) £13.55 Fresh basil, tomatoes, chilli and garlic 
Matribologna Smoked £14.35 Bacon in a tomato, spring onion and meat sauce
Specialita’ Di Giovanni £14.95 A creamy wine sauce with ham and mushrooms 
Carbonara Piedmontaise £14.55 Sauce with bacon in a creamy egg yolk sauce 
Alla Marinara £16.50 Tomato sauce with squid, mussels, clams and prawns 

Pasta Special

Spezzatino £18.95 Pasta quills with fillet steak pieces in garlic, mushroom & tomato 
Lasagna £14.55 Layers of pasta filled with minced beef & tomato sauce
Fettucine £13.95 alla Crema e Funghi Fettucine  in a mushroom cream sauce 
Ravioli £14.95 Ravioli pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese
Penne Vodka Salmon £16.95 Salmon in a bechamel & vodka sauce


Risotto Modo Nostro £14.95 Arborio rice with peppers & bacon in a spicy sauce
Risotto alla Marinara £16.95 Arborio rice with seafood in garlic & tomato sauce

Fish & Poultry

Spaghetti Tiger Prawns £19.50 Chilli prawns in parsley, garlic, oil & tomatoes
Branzino alla Livornese £22.95 Fillet of sea bass with onion, olives & tomatoes
Salmone Alla Regina £19.95 Salmon dressed in a prawn and tomato sauce
Pollo al Pepe Nero £16.95 Chicken supreme in a pepper & brandy cream sauce 
Pollo alla Cacciatore £16.95 Chicken with mushrooms, black olives & herbs

Veal & Beef

Vitello alla Giovanni £18.50 Veal sauteéd in cream, wine, mushrooms & bacon 
Vitello alla Parmigiana £18.50 Veal with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese
Agnello al Forno £20.55 Welsh lamb shank in a red wine and vegetable stew
Bistecca al Barolo £23.95  Beef sirloin steak in a red wine sauce
Fillet Steak £29.50 8oz Welsh Fillet Steak 
Veal Cutlet £22.00 Veal cutlet on the bone 

Choose from

Al Pepe Nero Sauce (Peppercorn, mushroom, mustard and brandy cream)
Alla Pizzaiola (Oregano, cracked peppercorns, roast garlic, olives & chilli) or
Tradizionale (Simply grilled, garnished with mushrooms and tomatoes)
Cacciatore Sauce (Mushroom, black olive & herbs of the game season)

White Wine

Della Casa House White £17.95
(S) £5.95 (L) £7.95

Pinot Grigio £25.95 The best Italy's white of Burgundy, dry, and with a crisp, rich fruit structure.

Pinot Grigio £6.95 (S)
Pinot Grigio £9.95 (L)

Frascati £24.95 A full flavoured medium dry white with bags of ripe fruit and intense. 

Chardonnay £24.95 Probably our best version of this noble grape from northern Italy with a fine smooth rich fruit flavour and refreshing taste on the palate.

Verdicchio £24.45 A fresh clean dry style with a hint of nuts and rich aroma.

Savignon Blanc £22.95 Wine with aromas of white flowers mixed with citrus, herbs and green peppers.

Sancerre £36.95 White Wine from the Loire Valley with it’s typical gooseberry flavour and herbaceous aromas. 

Rosé Wine

Della Casa House Rose' £17.95 Bottle 
Easy drinking rose' very pale brick red with a subtle aroma and dry medium flavour.
(S) £5.95  (L) £7.95

Pinot Grigio Rose' £25.95
Touch of Pinot Noir adds depth to a light refreshing style with cherry and Summer fruit flavours.

Pinot Grigio  (S) £6.95 
Pinot Grigio  (L) £9.95 

Red Wine

Della Casa House Red £17.95 Bottle
(S) £5.95 (L) £7.95

Amarone £69.95 A full bodied Italian wine from Verona, excellent with meat dishes.

Chianti Classico £28.95 A rich vibrant fruit character with hints of cherry, plum and a full floral bouquet. (L) £10.95  

Valpolicella £26.95 
Probably Italy's best seller, easy, yet soft and well balanced on the palate.

Merlot £24.95 Bottle (L) £9.95
Spicy red cherry aromas lead to ripe cherry and berry flavors with toasty oak, spice and vanilla notes.

Montepulciano D'Abruzzo £25.95
One of Italy's best known red grapes.

Primitivo £26.95 
Red tending, light aroma and distinctive, pleasant, full, harmonious, tending to velvety with age.


Prosecco £30.95 
A light dry fizzy wine with refreshing zest finish.

Giovanni's House Champagne £37.95 
A stylish champagne.

Moët & Chandon £89.00 
A stylish champagne known for its lighter flowery elegance.

Moët & Chandon Rose' £95.00 
A beautiful fruity pink champagne with distinctive flowers aromas.

Laurant Perrier Rose' £125.00 
A beautiful pink champagne.

Dom Perignon £295.00 
The best of France's classic champagne

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